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KOLIBRI Visual offers THE opportunity to tell your story in a unique and pioneer way

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Our aim

To create a strong relationships between companies and their customers.

We have amassed more than 20 years in the integrated Audio/Video market and have been bringing all the features of this technology to the live entertainment business for long years now, through combining human skills with intelligent AV solutions. Our team shoots for creating breathtaking shows which will grip the audience, and will leave them wanting more.

KOLIBRI Visual offers a chance to engage your clients in a different and individual way, by creating a world where custom made entertainment solutions and products can sense and communicate with their real audience, since nothing delivers your message better than a live show.

We offer live show production, projection mapping, augmented and virtual reality, holographic projection and customized audio/video solutions, which are all part of our prompt innovations.

Our portfolio

Projection Mapping
Live Show Production
Interactive Solutions
Holographic Projection
Planning and consulting


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